Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spaghetti for Breakfast?

I was watching the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Their subject was breakfast and most of the chef’s chose sweet items. But one of the chef’s chose a dish called Pasta Mama which was spaghetti scrambled with eggs and parmesan cheese. That caught my attention.

I had leftover Spaghetti Carbonara in the fridge and thought… That would be a great way to eat up the leftovers. The spaghetti already had the flavors of bacon and garlic so I wouldn’t need to do much except scramble a couple of eggs and grate some cheese. I had some leftover diced tomatoes in the fridge and decide to toss them in to the mix.

This technique would work with any leftover spaghetti. The trick is to stir and stir or toss and stir after adding the eggs so they spread evenly over the pasta instead of chunk up.

This is what I did to make leftover BREAKFAST SPAGHETTI.
1. Heat a non-stick skillet on med-high.
2. Add about a Tbsp. butter or olive oil.
3. Toss in the leftover spaghetti and stir around until it softens up.
4. Add the tomatoes and mix.
5. Add the eggs and toss and stir until the eggs are cooked and all you have are little bits of egg. This will take only a minute or two.
6. Add the cheese.
7. Season with kosher salt and pepper (cheese is salty, so don’t over salt)
8. Enjoy

Follow the link below to watch the chef at Hugo’s Restaurant in Los Angeles make their Pasta Mama.

For a copy of Hugo’s Restaurant Pasta Mama recipe follow the link below.






Spaghetti Carbonara

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