Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Your Own Pie Crust Shield

Every time I enter my kitchen to start cooking.  I realize how grateful I am that it is so well stocked and for all the wonderful small appliances I have accumulated over the years.  But, I have so many gizmo's and gadgets in my kitchen that I couldn't justify a pie crust shield so I make my own out of foil (which I always have) and it works as well as one that I could buy.
I made mini pies when I shot these pictures but I do it the same way when I make a full size pie.

Place your pie plate upside down  on a foil sheet that is larger than the plate and trace a circle.
 Cut out the inside of the circle. 
 Cutting a 1/2 inch inside the line.  That's were the crust area is.
 Fold in the edges on all four sides.
 I also fold in the corners.
Make sure your shield sits properly over where the crust needs to be shielded.
Place it over your pie when your crust starts getting to dark.

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