Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sea Bass with Tartar Sauce

Sea bass is my favorite white fish.  It may sound a little kooky but sea bass reminds me of a cross between eating lobster and crab in the form of a fish fillet.  It has a mild flavor with a firm texture which makes me think of lobster and a pull apart feel in your mouth that makes me think of crab.

My family loves simple egg dipped fish served with tartar sauce which is great because it’s a quick and easy meal that is light and satisfying. 

This is the same way I made the red snapper dore.  Cooking fish this way keeps the fish moist while maintaining the clean fresh flavor of the fish and it is almost impossible to overcook.

The creamy tang of homemade tartar sauce finishes the fish perfectly.

1 ½      pounds            sea bass, cut into fillets
4          large                eggs
                                    flour for dusting
                                    kosher salt
                                    black pepper

Place eggs in a med. bowl and scramble; season with salt and pepper; set aside.

Season fish fillets with salt and pepper; sprinkle about ¼ cup of flour over the fish and coat each piece completely with the flour (add more flour if needed).  Shake off excess flour and place fish in the egg, submerging each piece as you add it.  Repeat until all the fish has been added to the egg.

Heat a large skillet on med high and add 2 Tbsp.oil to the pan.  Use a fork to fish out one fillet at a time from the egg and let excess drip back in the bowl.  Place fish fillet directly in the oil and let cook for about 2 minutes per side.  You will know when it is cooked through when you insert a fork into the fish fillet and it goes in easy without any resistance.

Serve with tartar sauce.

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