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Aebleskivers are Danish doughnuts that look like giant doughnut holes and taste like a pancake and waffle at the same time.  They are best eaten fresh and hot with a smear of your favorite jam.  Delish.

Every summer since I moved to Oregon (18 years ago) I have attended the Junction City, Scandinavian Festival.  The main reason is for the Aebleskivers, my family loves them.

The Aebleskiver line is always a commitment and I mark my place as soon as I get to the festival, because it will be a while.  The usual waiting time is about 20 minutes up to an hour or more.  The line snakes through the festival like a wall, breaking apart only to let others pass.  As you get closer up in the line and are fortunate enough to be one of the next six to place your order, you get to watch them make them for you.  At that point it gets dangerous.  You see, when I first get in line I plan on getting a half dozen of these satisfying bites.  As time passes and I have invested a considerable amount of time in line, the count goes up to an even dozen.  By the time I’m one of the lucky six that can watch and smell the aebleskivers being cooked, my count goes up again and then again when it’s my turn to order.  I truly think that’s why the line is always so long, everyone starts to hoard when it’s time for them to order.  Thinking about the “what if” factor?  What if I want more?  I can’t stand in this damn line again…

The batter is a simple pancake mixture; the trick is in the whipping of the egg whites and folding them into your batter to give it a light airiness.  You can also freeze the leftovers, if there are any and warm them up in the microwave.  They won't be as delicious as when freshly cooked, but they are still pretty good.

You need a special pan to cook them in and I just happen to have one because after my first visit I wanted to make them myself and not only have them once a year.  After endless hours standing in line and watching the experts make them I can now successfully make them at home.   The only tool that you will need besides the pan is a simple wooden bbq skewer to assist in turning the aebleskiver.  Practice with one at a time until you get the hang of it.  Then go for it!
The Aebleskiver pan and skewer for turning.
Pour batter into a mold.
When the batter starts to bubble on the edges give it a 1/4 turn with  your  skewer.
Wait about 10 seconds and give it another 1/4 turn.
Repeat until bottom is on top.  Keep balls turning to brown evenly.  They are done when you poke your skewer  into the center and it comes out clean.
Serve them hot with your favorite jam.
2              large                      egg whites
2              cups                       flour
1              Tbsp.                     sugar
2              tsp.                        baking powder
½             tsp.                        baking soda
½             tsp.                        salt
2              large                      egg yolks
4              Tbsp.                     butter, melted
1 ½         cups                       milk or 2 cups buttermilk
                                                Oil for frying

Heat aebleskiver pan over med. heat, I used #6 on my electric stove.
Beat the egg whites until they can hold a stiff peak.  Set aside.
Mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, egg yolks, butter and milk and mix until smooth; then fold in the egg whites.
Put about 1 tsp. of oil in each mold and add batter to fill each up to the rim.  When they start to bubble around the edges, use your skewer to give them a ¼ turn; wait about 10 seconds and give them another ¼ turn, repeating until the bottom is now on top.  Keep turning the balls to get even browning.  They are done when you poke them with your skewer and it comes out clean.

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