Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kono's Grilling Steak Butter

My husband Kono is my "Grill Master" and he loves to play with fire.  Evidence of this can be found on our back deck where he keeps his collection of smokers and bbq grills. His BBQ's are not seasonal and as I have stated before, they get fired up rain or shine!

I always know that whatever comes off his grill will be delectable and cooked perfectly no matter how simple or elaborately he seasons it.   

One of the ways that he seasons pork chops, steaks, chicken or even seafood is with his "Grilling Steak Butter" (softened butter that is enhanced with a few select seasonings) and wowwie kazowie, magic.
Kono uses this butter a couple of ways.  Softened, to brush over the meat while he’s grilling, and or, Chilled, he will wrap the softened butter in plastic to form a log and hold it in the fridge until firm.  Then when the steaks are cooked he will place a slice of the cold butter on the hot steak just before serving allowing it to melt slowly.

Jazz up your butter with fresh herbs!  Kono usually makes his steak butter just the way it is written but sometimes he adds about 1 Tbsp. of fresh chopped herbs such as thyme, rosemary and parsley.

Kono's Grilling Steak Butter
1        stick            butter, softened (1/2 cup)
2        tsp.              worcestershire sauce
1        tsp.              dry vermouth
1        tsp.              garlic, minced
½       tsp.              tabassco hot sauce
½       tsp.              kosher salt
¼       tsp.              coarse black pepper
1        Tbsp.           fresh herbs, chopped (optional)

1.   Mix softened butter with the rest of the ingredients and brush over steaks, chops, chicken or seafood while grilling.

2.   Or wrap butter in plastic to from a log and chill until firm. Place a slice on the hot steak before serving.

Before you fire up your bbq this summer visit Kenji at the "Food Lab" to get a grilling lesson.  He has posted a complete guide to grilling steak that is very informative.

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