Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lemon Sugar

Lemon Sugar is simply amazing and comes together with ease.  I would make it just for the aroma.  But…it is so much more.

Every lemon comes neatly packed in a shiny bright yellow zestful package that usually gets tossed out after the precious juice is squeezed.  So before you squeeze, zest and make yourself a batch of lemon sugar!  Mixing the lemon zest with the sugar preserves the zest allowing it to keep its bright yellow color.

I'm sure there are hundreds of ways to use lemon sugar.  I have only experimented with a few.  If you have a special way of using lemon sugar please pass it on.

Here a few ways that I used mine and I’m still experimenting…
·         I sprinkled it over lemon bars instead of powdered sugar.  Giving them a sweet crunch rather than a powdery dusting that I usually finish my lemon bars with.
·         I stirred it into hot and iced tea – you don’t have to have a lemon around for lemon tea anymore.
·         I substituted some of my regular sugar for lemon sugar in my pancakes - YeaH! a hint of lemon in the background of your pancakes are amazing.
·         I sprinkled it over cookies and blueberry muffins instead of cinnamon sugar – Awesome
·         I made lemon flavored simple syrup – to add a sweet lemony twist to any drink.
·         I made kicked up lemonade – the zest will let everyone know that you used fresh lemons.
·         Truly, you can use lemon sugar in place of plain ole sugar for just about anything…

This will keep for several months in an airtight container in the fridge.

1        cup              sugar
1 - 2    whole         lemons, zested

Place sugar in a bowl and with a citrus zester, zest only the bright yellow parts of the lemon (the white part will be bitter) in to the sugar.  Mix and spread out in a shallow dish, let sit on the counter for an hour or two to dry.  Place in an air tight container and place in the fridge. 

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