Saturday, February 27, 2010

Creamed Chicken with Peas

My daughter suggested that I blog about a couple of things. What’s for dinner and What to do with my leftovers? So here is my first go at it. Enjoy.
There are so many ways to use leftover chicken. One of my old standbys is the always comforting Creamed Chicken.

The general rule is ¼ cup of butter & 1/4 cup of flour + 2 cups of liquid (adjust to get desired thicknes). Double or triple as needed.

I use this basic recipe as a base to make many simple sauces by adjusting the type of liquid. Always season with salt and pepper. For gravy I prefer black pepper and for the white & cheese I use white pepper.

CHICKEN GRAVY –only chicken broth, when melting the butter you can add sliced or chopped onions, celery, garlic, mushrooms to add a layer of flavor to your gravy.
WHITE SAUCE - only milk with a dash of nutmeg. I use this to place over cooked potatoes and bake it in a casserole with ham chunks and top it with a little cheese.
CHEESE SAUCE - only milk + 2 cups of shredded cheese stired in after the sauce has thickened and been removed from the stove. Mac & Cheese…
I make a single recipe for gravy’s and a double for creamed chicken & cheese sauce.

Creamed Chicken or as my son named it “Chicken King Thing”
½ cup BUTTER
½ cup FLOUR
½ ONION, chopped small
14 oz. can CHICKEN BROTH (Swanson’s is my favorite)
2 cups MILK
Add ins:
1 cup frozen PEAS
COOKED CHICKEN, cut in to cubes or shred into chuncks
CELERY, chopped small (add these the same time you are cooking the onions)
MUSHROOMS, sliced (add these the same time you are cooking the onions)

Heat the chicken broth and milk on low.
In a separate pot melt butter on med heat and add onions, cook until soft.
Add flour to make a roux (make sure the flour is absorbed into the butter and there is no dry areas of flour or you will get lumps). Pour in the hot liquid while stirring with a whisk to blend. This will thicken up quickly. Add frozen peas and chicken. Serve over rice or egg noodles.

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