Saturday, April 10, 2010

Julie & Julia

If you haven’t seen Julie & Julia, I encourage you to rent it.
Last night I sat down with my take out dinner and watched Julie & Julia for the second time. The first time I saw it I was inspired only by Julia. I related to her zest for life and love of food. I immediately went out and bought her book “My Life In France” and dug right into it. But, I didn’t get into Julie’s character that well.
When I watched it again last night I saw it in a different light. I was relating with Julia as I did the first time, but this time I was a blogger, and understood the role of Julie a lot better. I laughed out loud and giggled along the way as I watched with a new perspective.
I loved the part when Julie was on the phone with her mom and she was attempting to justify why she was blogging; lots of time involved, no financial gain. It clearly was a mystery to her mom. I get that feeling sometimes. Though mostly I’m loving it.
Blogging, for me is about making a live cookbook that I can share with my family and friends. Who are scattered around the United States from Hawaii to New York. It’s as close as I can get to having them over for dinner. A modern way of keeping in touch and sharing a cyber-meal. My daughter who is in New York says it’s like coming home every time she looks at my blog. Blogging we do for ourselves, but the comments and feedback keep us going.

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