Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Albertson's Shrimp

This recipe comes from Jean Watanabe Hee’s cookbook, Hawaii’s Best Local Dishes and is named Mimi’s Shrimp.  My family refers to it as Albertson’s Shrimp.

When my daughter Lindsey was about eight years old she would hear me say that I was heading to Albertson’s to pick up shrimp for dinner.  In her eight year old mind, Albertson’s + Shrimp = Albertson’s Shrimp.  It wouldn’t have been my choice of names but it is one that has stuck throughout the years.

I have prepared this dish many of times over the years getting rave reviews each and every time.  These simple marinated shrimps are extremely addictive, as with potato chips, you can’t just eat one.  I usually anticipate about 7 to 10 shrimp per person which isn’t always enough.  If you love shrimp this is one of those dishes that you have to try.  No sauce or condiments are needed for this dish.  The shrimp are simply delicious all by themselves.

My notes to you...
These shrimp are butterflied with the shell on.  This is an important step that keeps the shrimp from curling up while cooking and because shrimp cook so fast the shell also protects the shrimp from over cooking.  So don’t peel the shrimp, cut shrimp from the back and remove the vein.  Butterfly shrimp and lay flat.  This process takes the most time.  If you have a friendly fish monger, you can ask him or her to do it for you.  Then all you have to do is make the marinade and fire up the bbq.

In the original recipe the marinade separates like oil and vinegar dressing would.  I fixed this problem by heating up the honey in the microwave then adding the seasonings and the oil.  The hot honey absorbs the oil and keeps it from separating.  I also like to marinate the shrimp overnight if time allows. 

When buying shrimp the number explains the average number of shrimp per pound.  I prefer the 16 – 20 count for this dish, but the 21 – 25 count will work.  It just means that you will have that many more shrimp to clean.


3              pounds                 jumbo shrimp, 16 – 20 count

1              tsp.                       kosher salt
2              tsp.                       soy sauce
3              Tbsp.                    honey
3              cloves                   garlic, minced
A few drops of                     Tabasco sauce
1              cup                       oil

Place the honey in a microwave safe bowl and heat for about 30 seconds.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well to blend.  Let marinade cool to room temperature before pouring over the shrimp.  If the marinade gets too thick stir in 2 – 3 Tbsp. hot tap water to thin out sauce.

Put the shrimp in a zip top bag and pour cooled marinade over the shrimp.  Massage the bag to evenly coat the shrimp with the marinade.  Refrigerate for at least an hour, preferably overnight.
Heat a charcoal bbq and let the coals calm down to a med – low heat before cooking the shrimp.  Place the shrimp on the grill shell side down.  Then flip the shrimp over and cook the other side.  This process should only take 2 - 3 of minutes per shrimp depending on the size and how hot your fire is.

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  1. I love Shrimp..This is a awesome recipe. Thanks for posting it