Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pizza Sauce

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday and he requested pizza for his special day which means that I need to make the sauce today so it can sit in the fridge overnight and allow the flavors to wake up and get delicious.
The first taste will seem sharp but as it sits it will mellow and balance, so do give it some time in the fridge, you won’t be dissappoinated.

This pizza sauce has a nice thick consistency that could be brushed on rather than spooned.  It’s packed with flavor even with so few ingredients.  I highly recommend this pizza sauce because of its’ perfect consistency along with the wonderful pizza flavors that meld together as is sits.

Pizza dough will be tomorrows project.

6          oz. can             tomato paste
2          cloves              garlic, minced fine
1          tsp.                  dried oregano
1          tsp.                  dried basil
½         tsp.                  sugar
½         tsp.                  kosher salt
1/8       tsp.                  red pepper flakes
¼         cup                  olive oil
¾         cup                  water

Place the tomato paste, garlic, oregano, basil, sugar, salt and red pepper in a bowl and mix to blend.

Whisk in the olive oil; mix until the tomato sauce has absorbed the oil.

Whisk in the water and mix to blend.

Make this sauce a day ahead and keep in the fridge so the seasonings have a chance to truly flavor the sauce.  

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