Saturday, March 26, 2011

Smoked Salmon Spread

My youngest daughter loves bagels with cream cheese and lox for breakfast.  The problem is that mornings can be rushed and the idea of taking out several items, then putting them away, to make this wonderful concoction can sway her from making this on her way out the door and skipping breakfast all together.

That’s when we came up with the idea of mixing everything together to make an already rushed breakfast, faster and it has.  Now all she has to do is pull out one container from the fridge and smear her bagel with all her favorite bagel toppings as she runs out the door.  The addition of the sour cream made the mix very spreadable.

We decided to keep it simple and leave out the dill and horseradish because my daughter (who was making this with me) wanted to keep it as close as possible to what she puts on her bagel in the morning (Cream cheese and Lox, nothing more and nothing less).

We chopped the salmon up pretty small when we made this spread but the next time I would keep it a bit more chunky.

If I was making this spread as a dip for a more adult crowd to serve on crackers.  I would definitely add the dill and horseradish because I am fond of both ingredients as well as a few capers.

SMOKED SALMON SPREAD (adapted from the Barefoot Contessa)
8          oz.       cream cheese, at room temperature
½         cup      sour cream
1          Tbsp.   fresh lemon juice
½         tsp.      kosher salt
¼         tsp.      black pepper
¼         pound  smoked salmon, (4 oz.), roughly chopped
1          Tbsp.   fresh dill, minced (optional)
1          tsp.      horseradish, drained (optional)

Place the cream cheese and sour cream in a food processor fitted with a metal blade.  Mix until just smooth.  Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse until salmon has been chopped and blended into the cream cheese.

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