Thursday, July 7, 2011

Burger Spread

There are so many parts that make up a delectable burger.  Starting with a quality patty cooked to perfection, placed on a lightly toasted pub roll. Patiently waiting for the addition of melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, sweet or grilled onions, mushrooms and or pickles, the list goes on and on.  Building a burger is truly about personal preference.  It’s all up to you as to what you choose to stuff between the buns. The combinations are endless.

But there is one thing in my opinion that all burgers need to have.

A really, really good burger spread.  One that’s creamy, but not rich, while maintaining a lightly sweet and tangy-tartness all at the same time.

The magic is in the spread!  Some call it a secret sauce and others, special sauce.  It really doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you know how to make it.  Because, it’s the sauce that determines whether your hamburger is good or GREAT! 

For example; if spreadable condiments are placed on the burger one squirt at a time, the end result is boring.  With sharp bites of mayo, ketchup and mustard hitting your palate never truly blending together until the last few bites.

But… if those same condiments are mixed together in the form of a spread, something wonderful happens in your mouth.

The simple combination of mayo, mustard and relish make for a memorable burger experience.

I complete my burger experience with a separate gentle squirt of ketchup that adds a sweet tomato-y background which brings just the right amount of zing to the burger.  You can add the ketchup directly to the burger spread instead of separately.  But I am a fan of ketchup and like to have it present when biting into my burger.

Once you try this burger spread.  You will never spread your bun with anything else.

1          cup      mayonnaise
2          Tbsp.   sweet relish
2          tsp.      yellow mustard
½         tsp.      sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and if there is time refrigerate for an hour to let the flavors meld.

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