Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grisbi "Lemon & Ginseng Cream" Cookies

I don't usually buy or encourage others to indulge in store bought cookies because they are usually disappointing. 

My opinion has officially changed, at least for one cookie, and that cookie is the Grisbi “Lemon & Ginseng Cream” cookie.

I discovered these cookies at the oddest place.  An Asian grocery store in Portland (seriously? Italian cookies at Fubon?).  

What first caught my attention was their bright yellow box, followed by the SALE sign reading .99.  After scanning the box and price I decided to toss a couple boxes in my basket (there were about 7 different flavors) to take home to my lemon loving husband.  As you can imagine, I had very low expectations for these store bought cookies, but figured all I had to loose was $1.98.

Yeah me!  I scored brownie points with this new find.  My husband loved the lemon cream flavor and asked for a repeat performance, and even though the orange lime flavor got eaten up, it didn't make the repeat list.

These shortbread stuffed cookies are made in Italy by Vicenci and come 9 to a box (truly not enough for sharing, I highly recommend you get a second box).

So if you see these cookies on your grocery shelf give them a try.  No, what I’m really trying to say is, hoard them!

Tell me what your favorite flavor is.

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