Saturday, April 28, 2012


The trick to making a basic pancake recipe taste light and fluffy so that it is more like a buttermilk pancake, without the addition of buttermilk, is to whip the egg whites separately and add it last.  This little side step makes all the difference.

In my opinion the buttermilk pancakes are still my first choice when looking for a no frills, melt in your mouth pancake that will be served simply with butter and syrup. Mmmmm…

But if you don’t have buttermilk in your fridge these pancakes are equally delicious.  They cook up light and fluffy with crispy edges.  My daughter said that they kind of taste like aebleskivers, interesting...

For a bit of breakfast fun, stir in some chocolate chips or blueberries.

CookingTrick: To check if the pancakes are done, touch the center after you flip them (they will feel slick and hard).   After about a minute touch them again, if they are soft to the touch and springs back, their done.

1          cup     flour
2          Tbsp.  sugar
2          tsp.      baking powder
½         tsp.      kosher salt
1          cup     milk
2          Tbsp.  butter, melted
1          large   egg, separated

Mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a small bowl and set aside.

Separate the egg and whip the whites until you get soft peaks; set on the side.
Mix the egg yolk, milk and melted butter together then add the dry mix.  Mix batter until just blended (don’t over mix) then gently fold egg whites into the batter.
Heat a non-stick skillet on med heat and lightly oil pan.  Using a ½ cup dry measure or ladle, pour batter into the hot skillet, 1 inch away from each other.  When pancakes have bubbles on top and are slightly dry around the edges, about 2 ½ min., flip.  Cook until golden on the bottom, about 1 more minute. 

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