Sunday, January 25, 2015

Proud Parent

As a parent I feel honored to share this with you.

Life is full of wonderful moments and this just happens to be one of those times.  So here is my personal SHOUT out to the world - I'M SO DANG PROUD!!!

Let me cut straight to the chase!


Our daughter Cecily has accomplished an amazing feat.  She has written a beautiful novel that spans from the early 1900’s thru the 1970’s.  It takes you on a journey from China to Hawaii and is filled with vibrant characters that will make you laugh and make you cry.  Those were the emotions that ran through my body when I had the privilege to preview her book. The icing on the cake or should I say the miraculous miracle is that her dream of turning her manuscript into a book has now become a reality.

Cecily’s book Diamond Head is being published by Harper Collins and is scheduled to be released in just a few short months on April 14th, 2015. So mark your calendar and get ready to dive into Cecily’s new book.  You don’t have to wait to buy her book.  You can preorder your copy today on What are you waiting for – GO GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!

If you want to learn more about Cecily and her book Diamond Head check out these links;


A short note, from a proud parent who knows that the road traveled wasn't easy.

My Dear Cecily, 
The excitement is surreal.  Some might only see the success, but your dad and I have seen the journey. 
Though you are a grown woman now, we will always see you as our precious little girl.  It seems like yesterday that you were just about knee high looking up at us and the world with wonderment and trust. 
Dad keeps this photo of you in his wallet.

We have watched you take on life with gusto from the day you were born and we watched as you pushed through with each challenge that you were faced with.
Over the past 5 years we have watched you travel a road that was littered with signs like; Do Not Enter, Yield, STOP and No Left Turn.  We know that it wasn’t easy to keep on believing in your dream, but you did! We watched you laugh until your tummy hurt and we watched you dry your tears and push through some really tough stuff.

The world of writing and publishing is exciting and new to us.  The one thing that I know for sure is that I know nothing about this subject.  What I have learned is that it takes a lot of people and time to turn a person’s imagination into an actual book. 
We are so very proud of you for staying focused and keeping your eye on your goal.  But mostly, for never giving up on yourself and believing that if you work hard and never quit that dreams can come true.
Hugs and Kisses,  Mommy 

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